Born December 24th 1970 in Bourg-en-Bresse, France

A peerless technician with a rich classical schooling — he won the First Prize for Classical and Contemporary Percussion in 1995 at the CNSM in Lyon — Eric Echampard is an instinctive musician fundamentally open to all forms of today’s popular and experimental music, from modern jazz in all its rock aspects to the infinite layers inherent in improvised music. Over the last fifteen years he has also been one of the rare, atypical figures to have profoundly changed the art of drumming in contemporary European jazz.

In 1992 Eric Echampard was simultaneously noticed by Bernard Struber — he joined his ORJA group and remains a member of his Jazztet, the group’s new incarnation — and by Jacques Di Donato, who in 1993 offered him the drum-chair in his quintet and its big-band configuration Système Friche. He quickly became a choice accompanist for some of the most innovative musicians on the French scene, playing with François Corneloup’s trio, the trio led by Marc Ducret (with Bruno Chevillon), the group Grand Lousadzak led by Claude Tchamitchian, and also Andy Emler’s MegaOctet.

Solicited over the years by almost every “historic” musician on the European scene — Michel Portal, Louis Sclavis, Raymond Boni, François Jeanneau — Eric Echampard has developed his long-standing relationships with Marc Ducret and Andy Emler (also playing in the latter’s trio with Claude Tchamitchian), begun new collaborations with the likes of Dave Liebman, Benjamin Moussay, Christophe Monniot or Fabrice Martinez, and opened up new horizons for himself with ventures into free improvisation in duo with Finnish accordionist Kimmo Pohjonen, or more hybrid projects at the confines of rock and contemporary music with the group Caravaggio alongside Bruno Chevillon, Benjamin de La Fuente and Samuel Sighicelli.


Métatonal – Marc Ducret Trio+3
Ayler Records, 2015

Sad and Beautiful – 
Emler – Tchamitchian – Echampard

La Buissonne, 2014

Caravaggio # 2 – Caravaggio
La Buissonne, 2012

Tee Time – Emler – Tchamitchian – Echampard
In Circum Girum, 2003

L’ombra di Verdi, Marc Ducret
Screwgun Records, 1999

Two Angels For Cecil, Raymond Boni & Eric Echampard
Emouvance, 1999

Jardins Ouvriers, François Corneloup Trio
Evidence, 1998