Born March 28th 1990 in Mont-de-Marsan, France

A recent graduate of the 2013 jazz class at the CNSM in Paris, Jean Dousteyssier is the youngest member of this new ONJ. He first trained as a clarinettist and was introduced to jazz in Mont-de-Marsan alongside Jacky Bérécochéa, later joining the famous jazz class at the Marciac school where he helped form the Lafé Bémé quintet, which performed at the prestigious festivals in Vienne and Marciac. After exploring the multiple folk traditions of his instrument in the course of a long stay in the Balkans, Jean Dousteyssier turned to the tenor saxophone only recently, taking up chairs with ensembles like the Umlaut Big Band, whose specialised repertoire covers little-known pieces of the Twenties and Thirties, or the European Jazz Orchestra.

In his dedication to multiplying the approaches of his instruments and diversifying compositional practice in this respect, he has no time for cliques and other such old notions. Moving without scruples from the ONCEIM [“National Orchestra for Creation Experimentation and Musical Improvisation”] imagined by Frédéric Blondy, to the sextet The Coquette’s (whose “John Kirby Sextet Revival” project aims to rediscover the repertoire of the flagship group led by American bass-player Kirby), Jean Dousteyssier has also formed Post K a quartet with his brother Benjamin Dousteyssier, pianist Matthieu Naulleau and drummer Elie Duris committed to off-beat re-readings of New Orleans music in the years 1920-1930, not to mention his dive into the vibrant heart of sound with the clarinet quartet Watt, together with Antonin-Tri Hoang, Julien Pontvianne and Jean-Brice Godet… Jean Dousteyssier is a musician in the image of this new generation: curious, erudite, virtuoso, and definitively trans-genre.


Jean Dousteyssier POST K
ONJ Records, 2016

77’06 – Watt
Becoq Records, 2015

Watt – Watt
autoproduction, 2013

pAn-G – pAn-G
autoproduction, 2013