“in-house” label

Ever since its inception, the AJON [“Association pour le Jazz en Orchestre National”] has played a role in producing the albums recorded by the Orchestre National de Jazz/ONJ.

From 1986 to the present, the Association has given support to the recording, mixing, mastering and artwork involved in the conception of twenty-three albums by the ONJ, each of which provides genuine testimony to the different orchestras which have nourished and punctuated the history of this unique institution. During this time, the ONJ’s releases have been distributed in conjunction with various renowned labels (Label Bleu, Verve, Evidence, ECM, Le Chant du Monde, Bee Jazz and JazzVillage).

In 2011, for the 25th Anniversary of the ONJ, the Association reinforced its mission as a producer by undertaking an ambitious reissue project, essentially digital, to make available every album recorded by the Orchestra: the project was christened “ONJ Stories”. The reissue project involved major editorial work and re-mastering the individual recordings in a desire to bring the latter resolutely up to date. So far, nine volumes have become available.

Relying on its wide experience in record-production in the aim of playing an even stronger role in the evolution of its missions serving creative jazz, the Association has today founded ONJ Records.
This new “In-house” label begins its first year of existence by accompanying the launch of the new ONJ led by Olivier Benoit. Closely partnered by L’Autre Distribution — whose savoir-faire and support in developing numerous artists of diverse horizons, and whose evolution over some twenty years has made it a major player in the recording-industry — the new label ONJ Records will independently represent a catalogue consisting of the Jazz Fabric’s productions, those of the Orchestra itself of course, and also releases by new groups composed of musicians from the ONJ. In this way, ONJ Records will give various artistic formats and personalities the opportunity to continue to flourish.