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In the heart of the French capital, Paris City Hall and the town hall of the 3rd arrondissement have given new life to the Carreau du Temple, the emblematic venue lying in the centre of the Haut-Marais quarter. This former covered market, now entirely restored, has today become a vast and elegant facility with the ambition of providing Parisians, in parallel with various sporting activities, a multidisciplinary programme open to emerging artists and creators from the universe of the Performing Arts — Music, Dance, Theatre, Circus — in addition to contemporary forms in Fashion and Design.

Firmly anchored inside a historic building that has seen multiple transformations/mutations since the 11th century — from Knights Templar to textile-merchants — the Carreau du Temple extends a welcome to “in-house” projects and others in partnership with Parisian and national institutional structures by providing artistic residencies. The aim of the Carreau du Temple is to act as an incubator for new forms — enriched by proposals from artist-partners, associated cultural structures or salons which continue to evolve — while taking a strong interest in all international aspects.

The venue opens its doors to the public on the weekend of April 26th under the theme “Le corps sous toutes ses coutures” [“The body from every angle”], a theme which mirrors this centre’s credo, artistic line… and spirit. Like most of the activities planned for the venue, this inaugural event proposes an exploration of the body through numerous disciplines: Circus, Sport, Dance and Theatre, Music, Voice…

The Carreau du Temple :
– A 19,000 sq. ft. covered market-hall
– A 250-seat auditorium
– Dojo & Dance studios of 3,500 sq. ft.
– A  recording studio
– A 4,500 sq. ft. gymnasium
– A bar / restaurant


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