Andrea Agostini studied composition, electronic music and the piano in his native Bologna and then completed his studies at the IRCAM, an experience that left a deep impression on him. Andrea has received prizes, distinctions and commissions and his music is regularly performed in concerts and festivals. He does not, however, consider himself to be perfectly integrated in the milieu of contemporary music – which, in passing, he sees as a great advantage from the point of view of his own freedom, both creatively and intellectually. His curiosity regarding all musical languages has led him to work in rock and in improvisation, as well as to study non-western musical traditions. In parallel with his artistic production, Andrea carries out research in musical information technology — together with Daniele Ghisi he has developed the bach and cage software-systems for assisted composition —, teaches electronic music at the Turin Conservatory, and writes on music for the blog /nu/thing, of which he is a founder member.