« Art does not reproduce the visible but makes visible. »

That famous phrase of painter Paul Klee, a great 20th century creator and himself a musician, might just as well apply to music. What his statement teaches us is that for the genuine creator, an image, whether simple or complex in appearance, is always suffused with tension, poetry and enigmas. Similarly, for Frédéric Maurin, who has a fondness for spectral music and sound-illusions, what we know as music is above all a sensitive surface that must allow every listener access to his or her own imagination.

With this programme entitled Rituels and in an acoustic version of the orchestra, Frédéric Maurin has wanted to unveil a more organic facet of this work that serves composing by favouring fanciful illusions. Within this orchestral setting, voices are summoned like as many instruments in their own right: the voice is the primary, intimate vector of all that is human, together with the imaginary and the spiritual.

This original material cowritten by Frédéric Maurin with Camille Durand, Sylvaine Hélary, Grégoire Letouvet and Leïla Martial — four adventurous artists who belong to the cream of the current French jazz scene — invites the spectator to follow the orchestra on a path constructed around the notion of daily rituals: different poetic sound tableaus that evoke time as an endless return. Taken together, these pieces of music compose a world of contrasts enriched with a video creation conceived by the filmmaker Mali Arun.


Released on August 21, 2020

ONJ Records – L’Autre Distribution

With the support of the Sacem, Spedidam and Région Ile-de-France

Artwork © element-s