Release date: September 25, 2015
ONJ Records JF001 / L’Autre Distribution


THÉO CECCALDI violin, viola, compositions
ALEXANDRA GRIMAL tenor, soprano and sopranino saxophones, voice
IVAN GÉLGNE double bass


Inspired by filmmaker René Clair work “Entr’acte”, the violinist Théo Ceccaldi mirrors the director’s universe with composing that is singular and lyrical. Together with Alexandra Grimal, Ivan Gélugne and Florian Satche – like Ceccaldi, all three are creative improvisers common passion for multidisciplinary projects – the quartet performs a reinvented soundtrack in which the films of that great sillent era meet the compositions of an talented artist of today. The resulting universe is both rough-cut and contrasted, with foundations that lie in research into innovative forms, the richness of acoustic timbres and a broad spectrum of nuances.
Petite moutarde leads us in a exhilarating world, between poetry and “douce folie”.

Recorded by Boris Darley assisted by Mehdi Chefaï and Arthur Gouret, Sextan Studio, 01.2015.
Mixed by Mathieu Pion, CSolfa Studio, 05.2015.

Mastered by Pierre-Emmanuel Meriaud, 06.2015.



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