Vinyl and digital release date: May 25, 2018
ONJ Records JF007 / L’Autre Distribution

FABRICE MARTINEZ trumpet, flugelhorn, composition
FRED ESCOFFIER piano, keybords
BRUNO CHEVILLON double bass, electric bass


Fabrice Martinez hadn’t revealed all in “Rebirth”, the previous album by his quartet Chut! (ONJ Records, May 2016.) The flamboyant trumpeter and his group return in the spring of 2018 with a double vinyl entitled “Rebirth Reverse”.

The two discs may share the same harmonic DNA, but “Rebirth” and “Reverse” have very different musical characters. Each title in the new double album is conjugated in two versions that are entirely opposite. Whereas the highly electric “Rebirth” (which took shape at Ferber studios in 2016) is re-mastered to suit the vinyl’s groove and its regained analogue warmth, “Reverse” — the new, totally acoustic opus — benefits from a direct take in the generous volumes of a chapel: taking advantage of the sublime natural reverb inside, the double bass, piano, drums and bugle produce beautifully resonant timbres. Throughout this ethereal narration we rediscover the faultless rhythm pair of Bruno Chevillon and Éric Echampard, together with the understanding piano of Fred Escoffier. As for Fabrice Martinez, he continues to blow fire and ice through brass like a master — he plays exclusively the bugle on “Reverse” —, confirming a personality that is resolutely unconventional.

Recorded by Maïkôl Seminatore
– Rebith : Studios Ferber, Assistant Matthieu Lefevre, February 2016
– Reverse : Chapelle Saint-Philippe, Meudon, September 2017
Mixed by Maïkôl Seminatore, The Border Studio
– Rebith : March 2016
– Reverse : November 2017
Mastered by Marwan Danoun Galaxy Studios, December 2017

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